Our Story

Like all great cornerstones of society, Mclightenment began with a dream: a dream of quick, easy and accessible enlightenment for all. Tired of lifetime after lifetime of drudgery and spiritual suffering, our fearless founder, inspired by today's quick-fix marketplace, created an easier way of gaining the freedom we all desire.

Walking down countless roads to the same destination and reciting multitudinous prayers, mantras and adulations to the same divine source, it was discovered that it is right here and right now. There is no need to go to church every Sunday, kneel through a thousand prostrations, or burn dozens of sticks of incense, now it is as simple as point, click and wait for your order to arrive!

Our Mission

Here at Mclightenment, we promise to provide satisfying, enlightening service to every customer who passes through our little corner of the information super highway, regardless of race, creed, or nationality. After all, all paths are one. All gods are the same and simply wear different masks. All mantras, songs and prayers sing of the same divine source.

Many religions have cut back on the enlightenment quotient in their organizations. Maybe it is for financial reasons, maybe there's just too many people and not enough god to go around. Religions have become hollow shells of the spirit they once stood for.

Not so with Mclightenment! Here at Mclightenment, we put the "god" in every bag. When you place an order with Mclightenment, you can be certain that the divine, as you see it and know it, is in every order we send, including yours!